Game Hack Day NYC
World of Fourcraft

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For a little over a year now, the World of ECN брокеры has turned Foursquare check-ins from registered players into an interactive game, posting Brooklynites against Mahattanites into a citywide game of Risk. So far, Brooklyn owns 11% of territory in the other boroughs, and 86% of its home turf.

Looking through сигналы форекс a year of progress playing the game, here’s a few highlights from the map as of July 2012: Brooklyn dominates the World of Fourcraft map for NYC, as of July 5th, 2012

World of Fourcraft map for NYC, as of July 2012 (click to enlarge)

Mahattanites have held on to their home turf, with one notable exception – Brooklyn has made themselves at home taking over the massive Chelsea/Hudson Yards/Flatiron/Union Square territory, perhaps hopping their way across Manhattan on the L train?

Both Williamsburg and DUMBO have been invaded by Manhattanites, taking over the borough-defining hot spots that are only a subway ride across the East River.
The Bronx seems to have ceded their territory to visitors from outside boroughs, but don’t seems to have ventured much outside their own neighborhoods.
Queens now attracts of the greatest amount of competition within the map, but manages to control nearly a quarter (23%) of the territory.
Even Staten Island is vulnerable to roving pack of Brooklyn geeks, although they’ve staked their own outpost in south BK’s Brighton neighborhood.

Overall Brooklyn is dominant within the Kings County limits, staking claim to a number of neighborhoods in Queens as well, even owning both of NYC’s main airports (JFK and LGA) Schwertransport Spedition.

How did APS fare in the battle for supremacy in the World of Fourcraft? Leave a comment and let us know how you represented in your neighborhood.